About Java Groove

From swing to Sinatra to Sting, Java Groove is a small 4 piece band with a big sound. It all started in 2015 by the founding members of the swing band, The Shiny Lapel Trio. When people ask what kind of music you play, we tell them, jazzy, swingy, ballady, kinda stuff. The idea behind Java Groove is to have a stripped down swing band with the same effect and vibe of a horn section.

The band consists of Dan Bernier on vocals and guitar, James Alio on guitar, Marc Iacobellis on bass guitar and Todd Fitting  on drums. Todd, James and Marc all went to middle school and high school together in Guilford, playing in various bands together. Dan was one of the founding members of The Zingerz, also playing swing music on the shoreline area. All 4 members have been friends for many years supporting each other’s bands.

It was just freak luck that both the Zingerz and The Shiny Lapel Trio parted ways at the same time that brought us together to form Java Groove. Java Groove focuses on getting people to dance to the music of Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Louie Prima with a mix of some fun contemporary music.

We know from experience that no matter how old you are, Java Groove is the kind of band that seems to really appeal to the masses.

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  • This Just In!

    Java Groove is proud to have a recurring gig at The Griswold Inn in Essex, EVERY WEDNESDAY NIGHT !! Check the schedule for times!

  • Summer Nights Dates Announced

    Please check our events page for all posted events!!